Wednesday, October 30, 2013

First Paragraph, First

"Dr. Quentin Banks was a man's man. The kind of guy other men liked being around. Handsome, but not a pretty boy. Wealthy, but not a showoff. Versatile enough to host a fundraiser one night and chill out with his buddies over a game of dominoes the next."

Teaser Tuesday
"When any controversial issue had even the slightest potential of hitting the fan, Wilson stayed far enough away so that not even a speck of crap landed on him. That was the primary reason he had survived three mayors."

Wondrous Words


In 1916, at the peak of WWI and shortly after graduating from Harvard, beloved poet E.E. Cummings penned an (epithalamion) poem celebrating nuptials.

Epithalamion  poem celebrating a wedding: a poem or song written or performed in celebration of a wedding(Bing Dictionary)

(a newspaper)

"The notion that American power has been applied to peer into the activities of its closest allies -- reactions suggest an almost "(visceral) sense of violation."

Visceral not intellectual :  instinctive, unreasoning <visceral drives>

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday 56 /Book Beginnings

"Hey--I gotta go," David says, his voice suddenly changing. "'The students are getting restless and Beth just walked in."fredasvoice

"Whenever my mother drove us from coastal Mississippi to New Orleans to visit my father on the weekend, she would say, "Lock the doors." After my mother and father split for the last time before they divorced, my father moved to New Orleans, while we remained in DeLisle, Mississippi."rosecityreader

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wondrous Words

(Mole) is a unit of measurement used in chemistry to express amounts of a chemical substance, defined as the amount of any substance that contains as many elementary entities (e.g., atoms, molecules, ions, electrons) as there are atoms in 12 grams of pure carbon-12 (12C), the isotope of carbon with relative atomic mass 12. This corresponds to the Avogadro constant, which has a value of 6.02214129(27)×1023 elementary entities of the substance. It is one of the base units in the International System of Units, and has the unit symbol mol and corresponds with the dimension symbol N.[1] In honor of the unit, chemists often celebrate October 23 (a reference to the 1023 part of Avogadro's number) as "Mole Day".
Wikipedia  From Bing on October 23, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First Chapter First Paragraph

"David Ames could make a woman forget herself. Kari knows because it just happened a few minutes ago on this quiet Sunday morning. Surrounded now by the hot water and steam of the shower, she reflects on the last hour and the intimate moments with her husband."

Teaser Tuesday

""How's the mystery pie coming?"
"I think we have enough people signed up to name it. I usually wait until at least twenty-five names are in the jar. It's always fun to see what they've come up with--and sometimes a challenge to figure out how to make it." Aunt Clara smiled at her as they walked home."

"I've always been honest.
The words David said to Kari earlier now haunt him, As he sits in his parked car looking at old emails on his iPhone, he knows he has no right to demand honesty from his wife."

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Quote It Sat

"Youth is wasted on the young" George Bernard Shawbrainyquotes

"Youth has the resilience to absorb disaster and weave it into the pattern of its life, no matter how anguishing the thorn that penetrates its flesh." Sholom

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I finished two novels this week. Who Asked You by Terry McMillan and Return To Me by Lynn Austin.

I've already started a cozy titled Plum Deadly by Ellie
I have to love any one who owns a pie shop named Pie In The Sky. I also will read On The 7th Day by T.D. Jakes. This one is about a serial kidnapper.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Cooking

"Aunt Clara began rolling the crust with smooth, even strokes after lightly flouring the rolling pin so the crust couldn't stick to it. You'll roll this until it's about one eighth inch to one-quarter inch thick. Use short strokes with the rolling pin, from the center of the dough to the edge."

"I like the marble better when I need to get things done. I like the feel of the wood better at home when I can take my time."

 I had fun looking at the different rolling pins online. Never realized there were so many kinds of rolling pins. I have the typical wooden rolling pin with red wooden handles. It's lasted forever. I don't know if rolling pins wear out for some reason. I have rolled dough with a soda bottle which is utterly rediculous. I also didn't know there were so many different types of rolling pin racks. I think those are very cute. I picked the blue glass rolling pin because of that cobalt blue color which might make the rolling pin cost more money. I also like the design of a ship on the rolling pin. Don't know if this rolling pin is an antique. Here is a photo of a marble rolling pin.
I wonder which type rolling pin makes the best crust, etc.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wondrous Words

glass-fusing-made-easydefinition-of-dichroic-glass What is the definition of dichroic glass? Stunning, dramatic, eye-catching and dazzling. Dichroic means two colors. When this glass is viewed from different angles, it appears as numerous colors.

"She actually sets her tray of beads down sideways, right on top of two bins full of my favorite desert sun and (dichroic) glass ones, and just looks at me like she can't believe I just said what I just said."

a brand name for a fitness program consisting of dance and aerobic exercise routines performed to popular, mainly Latin-American music. 
"It is also the reason why I'm taking a Zumba class at a gym where they make you hot tea."

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Quote It Sat


I wrap the potential for bitterness,
resentment, martyrdom in the blanket of forgivenss
and just set it down.
Then it just melts in the warmth. And goes away.  Mary Anne Radmacher

Friday, October 11, 2013

Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan

"It's my day off and I'm in the kitchen getting ready to fry some chicken. When the phone rings and I see my daughter's name on the caller ID, I'm tempted to let it go straight to voice mail;"

"He's gonna be the smartest of them all," Mrs. Jordan said. "Too smart for his own good. He's my little travelin' man." She hugged him close to her, though he only had eyes for the lollipop."fredasvoicethe-friday-56_28.html

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wondrous Words

You'll learn a working definition of creativity and ways to tap into your creative abilities. You'll find out how to practice writing in a creative way by using some interesting approaches such as galumphing and bricolage.(

Galumph definition, to move along heavily and clumsily. See more.
bri·co·lage (br k -läzh , br k -). n. Something made or put together using whatever materials happen to be available bermudaonion

Monday, October 7, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

"The realization doubled him over with grief. How could he live without Dinah? He loved her. Even now, even after what he'd just seen, even though jealous rage threatened to consume him, Iddo loved her."

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I'm still reading Return To Me by Lynn Austin. Sorry I didn't have a chance to read it everyday last week. I am also reading Plum Deadly by Ellie Grant. It's a fun cozy. Maggie might be blamed for the murder of her boss. She's already blamed for an embezzlement from her work place, a bank. Maggie's aunt owns a pie shop. So the cozy really makes me want a slice of pie all the time. Wanted a slice of pie around midnight last night.:) I have also started an ARC by Diane Chamberlain whom I know is a wonderful author. The title is Necessary Lies. The writing style is beautiful. I want to devote all my thoughts to this one. Can't wait.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quote It Sat


I wrap the potential for bitteness,
resentment, martyrdom in the blanket of forgiveness
and just set it down.
Then it just melts in the warmth. And goes away. Mary Anne Radmacher

Beth Fish Weekend Cooking

'"Professor Ira Simpson smiled as she brought the big slice of Lotsa Lemon Meringue pie to him. He was a kindly older man with sharp wings of white hair...."'

I had to choose these lines because lemon is my favorite. I like the taste of lemon filled cakes, lemon pies, etc. I use to bake Lemon Meringue pies for the family. I haven't baked one in a long time. I like to whip up the egg whites for the meringue topping. It's like magic in the kitchen. Hmmmmm, I can taste a lemon pie at this very moment. bethfishreadsweekend-cooking-canal-house-cooking

Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Beginnings / Friday 56

'"Her shoulders stiff with fury, Maggie ducked behind the counter and started a fresh pot of coffee. Angela was wrong about Aunt Clara having to cope with Mann Development. Let them have the old building. She could make a nice profit and go to New York with Maggie. Aunt Clara could live fine without it."'rosecityreader

'"There was nothing unusual to see except some crime scene tape."'fredasvoice

Book Beginnings / Friday 56

book beginnings (2)plumdeadly‘”Aunt Clara and Maggie sat inside the pie shop and talked quietly about what had happened while the police looked at the crime scene.
Maggie explained about Lou, who he was and why he was there. Aunt Clara signed and shook her head, muttering about ill omens and other bad things. Her words filled Maggie with more dread than the idea of trying to make piecrust.”‘
Friday 56 (2)‘”Maggie looked at him closer. Not many men in Durham wore a fedora or carried a gold-handled cane. He was also wearing an expensive gold watch. His whole demeanor was one of wealth and power, even though he was standing in the alley. She imagined he would be overpowering no matter where he stood.”‘

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Please Don't Remove MarGreat's Glasses by Josh Baker

"Once a month, the St. Anthony staff got together to remember Sarah by singing her favorite hymn, Amazing Grace. The piano's wooden finish was unevenly worn, and many of its keys had soured, but Mariam could still manage to bang the melody out of the schlocky Upright with her arthritic fingers. '"I worry about that boy.'" She confided in Jude."'