Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Beginnings


"Piper bolted pright, sweat dampening her pj's despite December's chill....There it was again. creaks echoed along the floorboards below. Heavy steps. Not Kayden's. Aurora lunged at the door, pawing the battered wood frame. A low growl rumbled through the dog's throat."

"The side door opened, and her breath caught as her brother emerged handcuffed and being led in by Deputy David Thoreau." BETHANY HOUSE

Friday, March 22, 2013


 I woke up hot that morning. Came out of a sound sleep with my face tingling and my nightgown stuck to my body. Third time that week. The clock on the dresser on the other side of the bedroom glowed 4:45, and I could hear the his of the air conditioner and feel its breeze across my face. "
"The door to Adam's room drew her to it as surely as if it had stretched out a pair of arms and pulled her into its embrace. She opened the door and stared into the room at the familiar low shelves crammed with out-of-date toys, the small desk strewn with faded crayon drawings, the miniature chair with a pale green sweater slung over it as if its owner might dash into the room at any second to retrieve it."

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Love, Water, Memory by JENNIFER SHORTRIDGE

"...there were many in Western Washington. She knew this, she did. Salish, Duwamish, Suquamish. She knew these names, but not why she knew them. She was clearly white, whiter than white with her freckles and the bluish tinge beneath her eyes.
Slowly he opened up. He told her about....."

Salish 1: a group of American Indian peoples of British Columbia and the northwestern United States . 2: the family of languages spoken by the Salish

The Duwamish are a Lushootseed Native American tribe in western Washington, and the indigenous people of metropolitan Seattle, where they have been living since the ...

The Suquamish are a southern Coast Salish people; they spoke a dialect of Lushootseed, which belongs to the Salishan language family. Like many Northwest Coast natives, the Suquamish relied on fishing from local rivers and Puget Sound for food. They built plank longhouses to protect themselves from the wet winters west of the Cascade Mountains.
The Suquamish traditionally lived on the western shores of Puget Sound, from Apple Tree Cove in the north to Gig Harbor in the south, including Bainbridge Island and Blake Island. During the summer, the Suquamish were widely dispersed, but during the winter, they lived in a winter village centered around Old Man House, the largest longhouse on Puget Sound.Wikipediashouldbereading

Monday, March 11, 2013

Love, Water, Memory by MEG DONOHUE

"Lucie settled back to read the story about her namesake--a pile of bones that lived over three million years before in Ethiopia. Something fluttered inside her as she read. She remembered this story. She remembered that the small ape-like human had been called "'The mother of Man," had been the first ape discovered that walked on two feet, and that in those days, the 1970's, a surprising number of people had been upset to think they might have been descented from an African, much less an ape."

Teaser Tuesday

"She didn't know who she knew, or if she knew anyone at all. She didn't know if anyone loved her or counted on her or might be missing her."shouldbereading

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I am reading 30 LESSONS IN LOVE, LEADERSHIP AND LEGACY BY HARRIET TUBMAN. Also, Love, Water, Memory by JENNIFER SHORTRIDGE. I had been reading The Memory of Love by Forna. Had to let it go until a later time. Couldn't get in to it. The writing seemed monotone.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Quote It Sat.

"I think that playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends." KATE SPADE, aMERICAN CLOTHING AND HANDBAG DESIGNER

Book Beginnings / Friday 56

"The day I laid Robert Morgan to rest was remarkable for two reasons. First, even though it was August, the sky overhead was as rough and cold as a January lake, and second, it was the day I started to shrink."

"I was used to plenty of people staring at me, but no one had ever paid such deliberate attention to me before. My father saw me only through the haze of his evening beers. Serena Jane mostly ignored me. Brenda Dyerson, busy with a hundred things in her falling-down house, kept me pinned firmly in her peripheral vision, along with Amelia, who was always so close to me that we could touch hands without blinking but who never said a word, just smiled from time to time, offering me her broken toys when she was done playing with them."

Monday, March 4, 2013


I ignored the comment. "Anyway, what do you have on Sally? She's insisting she might have been buried with a diary that wouldn't clear her of the murders but would show that she was justified in committing them. She wants me to have her coffin dug up just so her reputation can be restored." (Berkley Prime Crime)shouldbereading