Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

MondayI am reading BY LOVE POSSESSED by LORNA GOODISON. It's a collection of Jamaican short stories. I am also reading a novel titled Hikikomori and the Rental Sister by JEFF BACK HAUS.  One book is published by Algonquin. The other book is published by Amistad.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros

"WHEN THE SUN set over Thebes, splaying its last rays over the limestone cliffs, we walked in a long procession across the sand. In a twisting line that threaded between the hills, the viziers of Upper and Lower Egypt came first, then the priests of Amun, followed by hundreds of mourners. The sand cooled rapidly in the shadows. I ould feel the grains  between the toes of my sandals, and when the wind blew under my thin linen robe, I shivered. I stepped out of line so I could see the sarcophagus, carried on a sledge by a team of oxen so the people of Egypt would know how wealthy and great our crown prince had been. Nefertiti would be jealous that she'd had to miss this."

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


KINDLE Net Galley Abington Press

I enjoyed this Christmas novel by Jennifer Allee so much. A Wild Goose Goose Chase Christmas is about family love. However, it is an honest novel. Just because we're family doesn't mean there aren't any disagreements and misunderstandings. I think family is like friendship. The only difference is with family you live together, grow up together knowing each others most secret flaws and of course, it's impossible to pick family like you would pick a friend. Izzy's family is going through many difficulties during the happiest time of year. Yes, I have to accept it. Difficulties occur at Cristmas time too. The women in Izzy's family haven't always gotten along together. It beginning to look like a recurring pattern of frustrated feelings between mothers and daughters. Izzy's mother, Janice, didn't have a good relationship with her mother. As a matter of fact, Janice, after her mother's death, is still dealing with negative feelings about her mother. Now there is Izzy, and she doesn't get along with her mother, Janice. Then, there is Izzy's relationship with her brother, Brandon. It's explosive at best. It's Christmas time, and here are a houseful of people who don't really like one another at all. However, God is Love so He knows how to deal with ugly relationships

This is Christian fiction. We never see the grandmother. She has died, but she leaves behind gifts, tokens, treasures, which will heal all of these relationships. Also, she will strike up a romance that Izzy doesn't expect with a man named Max. The Wild Goose Chase quilt is a wonderful prop. It will help to bring these people together and make them love each other again. I especially enjoyed reading about the different scrap fabric memories in the quilt. It's like there is a little piece of each person stitched in the quilt. Along with the quilt there are diaries, etc. Grandma seems to have thought of this love project for a very long time. There are notes all over the house.

It is a fun novel. It's light, loving, honest like a wonderful greeting card. I am very excited because this is one book of a series. It's a Quilt series. Each book seems to take up an important issue. One novel is about a quilt made for AIDS. Each novel, I think, is written by a different author. Oh, along with all the interesting characters there is Bogie, the pup. I think a good Christmas novel should have a pup or kitty inside the pages.

This is the first time I finished one novel totally unrelated to another novel and found an answer to a question I had asked in the review about the other book. I asked, "Is love always tragic?" By golly, the answer is written in Jennifer Allee's novel. "Sometimes love is tragic. Not always...."

 In the end Grandma's purpose is very clear and precise. "Remember what I've always told you: an object's true value does not come from monetary worth. It comes from the emotions and memories....." This is a lesson that will never grow old. I suppose this is why people say Christ is the reason for the season..jenniferalleesite,quiltsoflovebooks