Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Most of this novel, CURRENT OF LOVE by SANDRA LEESMITH, takes place on a steam boat paddler. The journey begins and ends in New Orleans. The rest of the journey is down the Mississippi River. The novel is pretty predictable, but it's a nice escape from the daily routine. Janelle and Rett meet on the steamer. Both are carrying anxieties about heavy issues of Life. Rett is striving to become less of a workaholic. He begins trying to do better by staying at his father's side on the steamer. His father is in a wheelchair. When not on the boat, Everett, the father, lives in an assisted living facility. Rett is feeling guilty because his priority has always been work, work, work. It's even worse now. Because of technology he can carry his work with him wherever he goes. So in his hands a cell phone, lap top are a big temptation to forget the people around him and keep doing his work.

Janelle's concern is men. She is recovering from a bad relationship which destroyed her trust in men. She has decided not to get in another romantic relationship for a long, long time. However, when she and Rett meet one another their concerns change, and they fall in love. I guess there is no control over when love comes and when it leaves. Both Janelle and Rett strive hard not to get involved, but the stars are against them. It seems they must fall in love.

I really enjoyed reading about Everett's fun relationship with Grayce. Everett meets her on the steamer. They laugh together and just seem made for one another. Grayce even likes Janelle, and Janelle likes her. However, in all happy relationships a little rain must fall. There is a catastrophe waiting to happen which will test each of these strangers who have met on a steam boat paddler on the Mississippi.

Sandra Leesmith adds a little history throughout the novel. I have always heard of Huey P. Long. Didn't know about his character of where he stood in American Politics. I have always heard of Baton Rouge. Didn't knows anything about the place. I have ridden a steam boat with my husband for a day of lunch. So I could literally catch that slow, lazy feeling of a steam boat ride.

Sometimes predictability is all that is needed in a novel. The mind is exhausted and just wants to relax. This is why this novel worked for me at this time. Predictability doesn't mean the novel is necessarily shallow. The author picked hot button issues to deal with in her novel. This is a quote. Rett's feelings about wasting life is the issues. This is an issue that is constantly on my mind lately.

"Rett reached for her hand again and clasped her fingers. His touch warmed her hands as color rushed into her cheeks. He smoothed his thumbs along the palm of her hand. "'Pop is right. I've wasted so much of my life spinning wheels, and what do I have to show for it?'"  Janelle answers Rett by sharing her concerns. Then, she rounds up her thoughts in this way. "'We run from those feelings too, don't we?'" Now that I'm safely home in my town and away from my friends on the steam boat I miss them. I really enjoyed myself.sandraleesmith, Montlake Romance

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

"Rett did as he was told, feeling somewhat better with the safety ring tied to his waist. He put on the life jacket the man offered, feeling like a giant balloon."

Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Beginnings /Friday 56

"Pushing his father in the wheelchair, Everett Jamison III eyed the long lines in the large waiting area and bit back an oath. Rett didn't have time to spend two weeks on this cruise up the Mississippi, let alone the hours he'd waste on the dock waiting around to board. Hours he couldn't afford to lose."

"The tourists were enthusiastic about the sighting, but Janelle's attention stayed focused on Rett. Amazement and awe crossed his features, followed by quick smiles as he patted his father on the back. She could just imagine Daryl. He'd be derisive and critical of the tourists. It was nice to see a man enjoying the corny fun."

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hikikormori and the Rental Sister by JEFF BACKHAUS

"It's like the one you slid under my door.' He picks the origami penguin up off the shelf next to the television. Remember?....He stands the penguin in the palm of his hand..."origamiorigami-animals

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for being saved from a bad fall by God's Angels. I literally rolled over on the bed once too many times and fell off. The way I landed could have broken my neck or injured my spine. I am grateful to God for His Saving power. I wasn't injured at all. gentlerecovery

Third Sentence Thursday

"She goes to the bathroom and comes back with a blue plastic bowl of water and small towels."

If a person is already withdrawn and depressed, I can't imagine what a fire must do to them.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I just finished WHILE THE WORLD WATCHED by Carolyn Maull McKinstry. It's non-fiction and written wonderfully. The story takes place during the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama. Now I'm reading Hikikomori and the Rental Sister by JEFF BACKHAUS.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mindful Writing Challenge Jan '13

Jan.1,2013 I wanted to go to a New Year's Eve party. I imagined myself wearing a green velvet cloak over a tight shiny gold gown with a split up to the knee.

Jan.2, 2013 I drank a glass of egg nog. I pretended five friends were with me laughing and talking while looking out the window at six inches of white fluffy snow.

Jan 3, 2013 Our Christmas tree looks horribly naked without the pretty balls. I need sparkly, pearl-like and gold beauty to dazzle my eyes. Sometimes just these adjectives in a novel can make my mind light up with happiness.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

"Up until four months ago Sylvie was an extremely contented woman. She and George living so good in their little room in the big yard. The room was like a palace to Sylvie. They had a bed, a dresser, and a little table and three chairs...They also had a radio, and Sylvie had planted mint and thyme and basil in paint pans that she set outside the window. Sometimes in the before day morning, when a cool breeze from the sea passed through, she could smell the mint and the thyme and she imagined that she was back in the country. Many people had said that Sylvie had no ambition."