Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday 56

"Claire's garden had a fairy-tale look to it, bordered as it was by the tall trees of the Wild Wood. Whatever grew here grew in shade. A trailing vine heaped tiny buds of honey suckle all along the waist-high wall of stone built in the tight-fitted herring waist-high wall of stone....Cornwall, and the back of the garden was lush with soft ferns and tall spikes of something that looked darkly tropical. Yet, in defiance of the shadows, Claire had set a sundial squarely at the centre of her garden in the one place where the sunlight always reached, and with a ring of upturned earth around it, ready to be planted."

"Yet she knew she was right. It was fear of falling short. Of not knowing if a person lived right enough or obeyed the rules enough or did enough kind works and deeds to get into heaven. According to the Ordnung, no one could know their eternal destination until death, so although death should be a happy homecoming for the good Amish person, it was instead a time of dread and fear."


  1. This author's books are on my TBR list. Happy national poetry month!

    My Friday post:

  2. How beautiful, makes me tilt my head and sigh. Thank you for sharing.

    My Friday 56

  3. So descriptive. I felt I was there and, since we woke to snow this morning, glad to be there. I hope you are enjoying the story. Happy reading!

  4. I like how descriptive it is!
    Happy April weekend!


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