Friday, December 6, 2013

Wondrous Words

wiwaxias One of the many incredibly unique creatures discovered 
  • Wiwaxia fossil
  • This particular preparation also contains a fossil of Marrella at the upper left.
during the excavation of the Burgess Shale is  Wiwaxia, 
a creature which even today has not been classified into 
any existing animal group.   http://sci10/wiwaxia.html

The easiest way to tell an arthropod from any other animal is to see if they have:

1) A segmented body.

This means that they will have a body made up of more than one part.  Spiders have two segments and flies have three segments.

These words are from a poem. The poem is written by Stephen Edgar. Title is Contents Page.

The weird wiwaxias, worms and arthropods.......

epiphytic   A plant, such as a tropical orchid or a staghorn fern, that grows on another plant upon which it depends for mechanical support but not for nutrients. Also called aerophyte, air plant.freedictionaryEpiphytic

ostentatious show.
finery; gaudy or showy things: a fashionable dandy and his gaudery.

The python dines among an epiphytic gaudery......


  1. The only one I knew was arthropods. Gaudery makes perfect sense!

  2. Gaudery sounds familiar.

  3. I like the wiwaxia. Beautiful in a special way.


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