Monday, September 2, 2013

Wondrous Words

Conestoga wagon is a heavy, covered wagon that was used extensively during the late 18th century and the 19th century in the United States and Canada. It was large enough to transport loads up to 8 tons (7 metric tons), and was drawn by horses, mules or oxen. It was designed to help keep its contents from moving about when in motion and to aid it in crossing rivers and streams, though it sometimes leaked unless caulked.
The term "Conestoga wagon" refers specifically to this type of vehicle; it is not a generic term for "covered wagon". The wagons used in the westward expansion of the United States were, for the most part, ordinary farm wagons fitted with canvas covers.[1] (Wikipedia)

"A Conestoga wagon sat in the middle of the street, oxen drinking at the water trough in front of the General store."

 camomile tea - tea-like drink made from camomile leaves and flowers
tisane - infusion of e.g. dried or fresh flowers or leaves
Anthemis nobilis, camomile, Chamaemelum nobilis, chamomile - Eurasian plant with apple-scented foliage and white-rayed flowers and feathery leaves used medicinally; in some classification systems placed in genus Anthemis
"Mrs. Ashford, I think some chamomile tea might calm the lady."
Crucible testing circumstances: a place or set of circumstances where people or things are subjected to forces that test them and often make them change

"She sat with her houseguests, the widow and her children, wanting to help them through this crucible of being on display."


  1. There are so many words for different horse drawn wagons over time aren't there? I haven't heard this one before either. Teas and tisanes are very popular in Australia for the past few years, lots of specialty tea shops so I was familiar with these, even though I don't really drink tea.

  2. I remember reading The Crucible in high school but I had no idea that's what it means!

  3. I've never heard of crucible in that context or with that definition before, nor have I heard of that sort of wagon. Thanks for sharing these definitions. Here are mine

  4. I never knew the real meaning of crucible.


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